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Study On The Novels Of Shanxi Province In View Of Specific Regional Culture

Posted on:2008-09-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X H LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360215968967Subject:Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature
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Since the last decade,study on the Chinese literature of the 20th century in view of specific regional culture has become the key subject in the academic field.This thesis just concentrates on exploring the influence of regional culture of Shanxi province upon the novels writen by the writers there.Owing to the understanding of culture and literary uniqueness of Shanxi province,we can devide the culture there into three parts:the northern Shanxi plateau culture,the central Shanxi plain culture,the southern Shanxi mountains culture.The representative writers of these three cultural parts are Lu Yao,Chen Zhongshi and Jia Pingwa.Exploring the content of different cultural parts,the influence of different regional culture upon different writers and the characteristics displayed in their works,therefore,makes up the body of this thesis.This thesis is made up of three chapters apart from the introduction and the concluding remarks.The introduction is of two sections.Section one is about the novel spirit under the regional cultural background of Shanxi province.Section two is the review of the study on the regional culture and novels of Shanxi province and a brief introduction of the writing outline of this thesis.The first chapter of this thesis,developing from two aspects,i.e. "the stubborn 'purple soul'on the loess plateau" and "the affection and love in the sonorous and desolate 'folk songs of northern Shanxi'" ,discusses the influence of culture of northern Shanxi upon Lu Yao's novel writing.Chapter two is mainly the textual analysis of the novel" Bai Lu Yuan " .From the viewpoint of " the tragicomedy on the plain of benevolence and uprighteousness" and "the going-out and return--a kind of complex feelings towards home" ,it probes into the insidecultural information of central Shanxi plain revealed in the novels of Chen Zhongshi.Chapter three analyses the influence of southern Shanxi mountains culture upon the novel writing of Jia Pingwa. Jia Phigwa is a very important contemporary writer.We try to probe into the deep correspondence between the southern Shanxi mountains culture and his cultural psychology and cultural qualities.From the following two aspects:" inter-permeation:shangzhou world--the product of multi-culturalpolymerization" and "retrospection:from shangzhou culture to Chinese culture" .The concluding remarks briefly discusses the inadequacy of novel writing in the cultural surroundings of Shanxi province.
Keywords/Search Tags:the northern Shanxi plateau culture, the central Shanxi plain culture, the southern Shanxi mountains culture, Lu Yao, Chen Zhongshi, Jia Pingwa
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