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The Research On Rhyming Of Traditional Puju Opera In Southern Shanxi

Posted on:2011-03-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360305494465Subject:Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
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Puju opera is from southern Shanxi, which is a kind of northern traditional opera with 400 years of heritage. Its linguistic significance is that can be the subject of phonology and dialectology.This paper is based on the acting texts of traditional Puju opera in southern Shanxi. We have made exhaustive research on the rhyme of 44 traditional plays, estimated the pattern of rhyme and excerpted the metrical feet according Rhyme. By using the inductive method, this paper finds out 1673 rhyme units, supplementing with analyzing and connecting the metrical feet. This paper sums up the rhyme categories of Puju opera which consist of 13 rhyme categories, that is,9 Yin-sheng, which includes "Ge-Ge", "Huai-Lai", "Jia-Ma", "Mie-Xie", "Zhi-Yu", "Gu-Mu", "Xiao-Hao", "You-Hou" and "Hui-Dui"; 4 Yang-sheng, which includes "Jiang-Yang", "Dong-Qing", "Yan-Qian" and "Zhen-Qin". This paper obtains several characteristics of the rhyme in Puju opera, that is, the rhyme of different systems contacting with each other, and not tabooing repeated rhyme. By analyzing the rhyme of different systems contacting with each other, this paper finds that the part of "Jia" rhyme category opening words still belong to "Jia-Ma" category; "Yu" rhyme, "Yu" rhyme and "Ju" rhyme belong to "Zhi-Yu" category; "Zeng", "Geng" and "Tong", these three rhyme categories contact with each other; the two rhyme categories of "Xian" and "Shan" contact with each other; the situation of "Zhen-Qin" category contacting with "Zhi-Yu" and "Hui-Dui" is a amalgamative rhyme.Comparing Rhyme and Rhythm of Central Plains, Phonology Pearls and the "13 rhyme" of Beijing opera with the rhyme categories of traditional southern Shanxi Puju opera, this paper finds that, closed vowels have already disappeared; the division and evolution of front and back nasal rhymes are clearly demarcated; "Yu-Mu" category has splited; "Qi-Wei" category has splited into "Ji-Wei" and "Hui-Hui" categories, "Zhi-Shi" and "Ji-Hui" categores have merged; the adscription of entering tone rhyme have vanished. Traditional southern Shanxi Puju opera has intimate relevance with the vowel system of local dialect, but doesn't have one-to-one correspondence.
Keywords/Search Tags:traditional Puju opera in southern Shanxi, rhyme categories, rhyme pedigree
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