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A Research On The Application And Development Of Electronic Commerce For Enterprises

Posted on:2001-05-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360002450720Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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In this thesis the author began with a brief discussion about concepts of Electronic Commerce (EC), its definition and its range of applications. For different types of industries, the author analyzed the common fundamental principles of applying electronic commerce, the advantages and disadvantages of EDT (Electronic Data Interchange). The author also investigated into the current trends of developments of electronic commerce both in China and abroad, with special emphasis on the great progress of electronic commerce that boosted by Chinese government, telecommunication and other institutions. By amounts of data and cases, the great advantages and potentials of electronic commerce have been illustrated. With the development of Internet and network technology, the prosperity of the future of electronic commerce has also been described. Secondly, with respects to all the aspects of thinking modes, life style, working and commercial mode the author explained in details the great impacts of EC on social and economic life. EC involves in every facet of our lives except of economic, business, and social activities, and it also brings up deep evolution on these areas; particularly on the fields of laws, privacy and security where new problems arise when applying EC. EC brings up many challenges and opportunities on banks, securities markets, and other financial institutions. As the result of the impelling of EC, lots of new industries and services have been set up, such as online banks, online auctions, e-shop, digital currency and so on. Thirdly, the author gave out detailed approaches for implementing EC. Three aspects are covered as environmental support, core technologies and online marketing. Details are given on the strategies and schemes that a company should take when it begins to launch its EC, and crucial points are exposed for the company that should be taken into consideration. Under the current environments of the infrastructure of networks, telecommunications and equipment in China today, special thinking about how to implement EC are covered too. Finally, for a practical example, the author built up an experimentalwebsite of EC, in which various software such as Front Page 98, Visual J++, Dynamic HTML, Visual Basic, SQL Server and Visual InterDev are used.
Keywords/Search Tags:Electronic Commerce (EC), e-shop, digital currency, Electronic Data Internet, network
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