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The Comformity Of Accounting Software And Electronic Commerce

Posted on:2001-09-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Electronic Commerce is an new form of commerce in network economical time, It is a reform in social production and consumption. There are serious challenge to our traditional managing work. Accouting software is an information system for business administration. The traditional accounting software simulate manual accouting. With little information technology, there is still much shortage of reliability and security in it.So it can not work in Internet to support Electronic Commerce. There are two difficulties for accounting software to support Electronic Commerce. One is network payment, the other is electronic bill. Nowadays, there are still no accouting software supporting Electronic Commerce.This thesis discuss about the comformity of accounting software and Electronic Commerce, and present the model of accout ing software to satisfy Electronic Commerce.
Keywords/Search Tags:Electronic Commerce, network payment, electronic bill, Certification Authority, Network Bank
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