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A Study Of Financial Supports To Vacant Properties Of Macau

Posted on:2002-03-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Real Estate is an important property for the development of Macau economy. This passage has done a research on the area of the land in Macau the change of the population and gives a brief explanation to the development of Macau Real Estate. By using the official figures on the quantity of the finished buildings and the figures of SISA, to estimate the number of the current vacant properties in Macau. Also to point out the seriousness of the unbalance of the supply / demand results in enormous amount of vacant properties, and for that reason it leads to a bad influence on the development of Macau economy. Macau government and financial institutes have promoted certain plans in order to save this situation, but the problems still exist. Therefore, this passage assumed that new mortgage loan instruments and mortgage backed security could conduct the foreign capital and the money of investment to go into the real estate consumer market. These are the possible countermeasures to solve the vacant property problem of Macau.
Keywords/Search Tags:Macau, Vacant Property Mortgage Loan, Securitization
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