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Vest Development And Macro-Regional Economic Regulation & Control Of Government

Posted on:2002-04-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360032950565Subject:Political economy
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West Development is a century-crossing magnificent project which is carried out by central authorities of Party .It is a significant act of narrowing economic spatial difference between regions of our country, accelerating regional economy in coordinated development, and establishing a substantial base for the national economy .As a result, West Development is concerned by fellow countrymen. But how to develop? This is not only a theoretical problem, but also a practicalproblem. West Development is not alike with western countries exploiting backward regions and China developing eastern regions .So it must take a developing road which conforms to its reality .In China which is in transition period, reform of the economic structure in marking direction is the general trend .Under this background,West Development should adhere to the main principle that resources are disposed through the market .But as a rising transition country,the Socialism market economy is just starting .In this circumstance,the regulating conduct of government seems very important .Because the providing and innovating of institutions are carried on by the regulating conduct of government. The cause of the miracle of East Asia can be expounded by this .The function of government in the developing process is to rectify the malfunction of market. Meanwhile, government should guarantee its regulation conducted moderately and rationally.Proceeding from macro-region regulation and control of government, this article expands that West Development needs macro-region regulation and control of government. The imbalance of regional economics development is a important reality problem in market-economy countries .All sorts of countries carry out reguIation and control of government when they resolve regional difference. And most countries achieve good anticipating results. Namely they successfully makea breakthrough the second point of inflection of inverting "U", and offer manyvaluable experiences for our West Development. However, not only largecircumstances but small circumstances in China have changed much. So basing onChina's present macro-economy situation and west practice, we should objectivelydevelop the west The regulation and control of government in West Developmentis mainly implemented by a series of poIicies and measures. Starting with regionalfinance and currency policies, this article approaches how to provide a broad andrelax economic environment for West Development. This article considers that thepolicy of West Development should be innovated. That is to say, providedconfOrming to the criterion of "three advantageousness", many rational policieswhich have previously not be used, may be attempted in the west. Doing by thisway can save reforming costs and avoid large fluctuation of economy.
Keywords/Search Tags:west development, macro-regional economic regulation and control, transition, the second-board market, the third-board market
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