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A Study On The Foundations And Strategies Of Macroeconomic Regulation And Control In The Period Of Economic Transition

Posted on:2006-04-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z L XieFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152497906Subject:National Economics
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About government's economical regulation function, the economicalfield has two viewpoints approximately. One kind is the market liberalization,which abandons the economical regulation function of the government;another kind is market failure theory, which thought the market regulationshave too much weakness, so that the government should strengthen theeconomical regulation function. Finally two viewpoints are all based on how to look upon as therelations of the government and the market. I thought the rationalities of twoviewpoints are all decided by the country's specific economic mechanism.The general basis of the macroeconomic regulation is the macroeconomicmarket failures. The market mechanism of the western developed country isquite perfect, and the market facility is quite complete. Those governmentshave formed a set of well-considered economical control means. Howeverour country is being in the period of economic transition, and the marketeconomy system also has many shortcomings, as a result, the economicalliberalization does not favor the economical stable and the organizationalreform with steady steps. This had determined that our country'smacroeconomic regulation and control has its own particularity. This articleis according to the general basis of the macroeconomic regulation andcontrol and in view of our country's macroeconomic characteristic, derivesthe special ways of our country's macroeconomic regulation and control, aswell as the rational choice of macroeconomic regulation and control strategy. Since reform and open policy has been put into effect, macroeconomicregulation and control experience indicated that at present our country stillhad to strengthen the government's economical regulation function, andusing scientific view of development, as the foundation of choosing theregulative way according to circumstances and situations, perfectingmarketability mechanism, creating the condition for carrying out theanticipating policy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Economic transition, Macroeconomics, market failures, Macro economical regulation
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