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The True Politics: Answers A Form Of Life ----Farabis's Political Philosophy

Posted on:2003-12-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The revivification of modern western classical makes people again concern and ponder over politics in philosophical way. The modern political philosophy leads to the crisis of modernity, because it neglects to cross-examine what is the true politics. Quite the reverse, the classical political philosophy plays close attention to the question, thinks of politics in philosophical way, answers what is good life and resolves it in political way, This is the key problem of the classical political philosophy.The classical political philosophy includes the political philosophy of Plato and Islam-Judeua the former is changed the political science in Aristotle, decayed the political skill in Machiavelli. As a form of life, the political philosophy is interrupted in the middle Ages, The western political philosophy is on the way to breaking with the classical political philosophy from Rousseau, the modern western liberalism is totally different than the classical political philosophy, which this liberalism makes politics decay a skill fall activity, takes political science as theory, regards political plan as the way of resolution, and makes the political problem become the technique problem. When Strauss faces with the philosophy of ancient Greek which is changed beyond recognition by three tide of modernity and postmodernism. He was obliged to coming the philosophized tradition of Islam-Judeua, because he regards that the classical political philosophy is retained the tradition of Islam-Judeua in the middle ages.With reading lots of datum, the author thinks that only through researching Farabis who is a representative figure of Islam's political philosophy, can we find to get into a way of the modern western political philosophy, Just as Strauss say, Farabis is a passage which he understands Plato's political philosophy, there fore, with researching into Farabis's political philosophy, the author tries to reveal the specific property of Arab philosophy and argues that Farabis's political philosophy provide the modern classical political philosophy Strauss with various resources of thought which is helpful to him giving impetus to the revivification of classical political philosophy in today and boycotting the crisis of modernity.The essay expounds mainly three sides: (1)the emergent thought background of Farabis's political philosophy, (2)the thought of Farabis's political philosophy, (3)the significance of Farabis's political philosophy to the modern classical political philosopher Strauss, thus, this paper takes Farabis's political philosophy as theme, which toughs upon the Arab philosophy, the Islam philosophy, the ancient Greek philosophy, the classical philosophy and the modem western political philosophy, etc.
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