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The Study Of Running Mechanism Of Venture Capital In China

Posted on:2003-08-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X S XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360062495322Subject:Technical Economics and Management Studies
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Some favorable measures have been taken to accelerate the R&D development all over the world, for the science and technology has greatly affected our daily lives. It is very important to turn the science and technology into real productivity, as we now carry out the strategy of strengthening our country with science and education and advocate the knowledge-based economy. Venture capital is a belt that connects the science and technology with market, and it is the most important for high-tech industry, science and technology advanced and economy developed. We should quicken to develop Venture Capital.In the dissertation, it is some deep and necessary discussion of how to develop Venture Capital in China, the study can develop Venture Capital quickly and healthily. It includes: 1 .the model how Venture Capital is operated. There studies the way and the program of Venture Capital operated, and based on some foreign model and the realistic circumstance of our country, draw a conclusion that our country should adopt the model that government invests mainly, combined with some other investment. 2.The study of computing method of item risk and the appraising way of item in Venture Capital. In microcosms, there puts forward two basic methods of computing the single item, namely the discrete method and the continuous method. At the same time, there also gives the feature, the applying scope and the computing method of two methods. In macrocosms, there puts forward the meaning, the rules of appraising method system, the decision of appraising method, and the risk evaluating method in some items, and uses the AHP method to evaluate the risk with the case. 3.The study of human resource in Venture Capital. There studies the type of venture capitalist, and how to cultivate the venture capitalist in China, and how to establish effectively the mechanism of encouraging and restricting the venture capitalist, which makes them positively invest and maximize the return of investment. 4.The study of exiting mechanism in Venture Capital. At the end of Venture Capital, we should take back the primitive investment and get the return of the Venture Capital and get ready for the next Venture Capital. The way of exiting includes the initial public offering (the IPO), the Mergers and Acquisitions (the M&A), the Liquidity agreements and the bankruptcy liquidating. 5.The study of policy of developing Venture Capital. The paper puts forward the factors that affect the development of Venture Capital and the government function in Venture Capital and the encouraging and incentive policy, which include the economics policy and the law policy.The dissertation firstly put forward the running model of VC in China, the risk curve and the two methods that compute the item risk (namely the continuous method and the discrete method). These are instructional meaning for us to develop VC, identify and prevent the risk.
Keywords/Search Tags:the model of operation, item risk, AHP method, incentive mechanism, exit mechanism, the policy of Venture Capital
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