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Problems And Countermeasures Of China's Risk Investment Mechanism Study

Posted on:2003-12-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H ShaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360062985192Subject:Business management
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This dissertation starts with the financing difficulty that high-tech enterprises are suffering at present in our county, then makes a brief introduction of venture capital's mechanism, compose, characteristic, educing the necessary of develop the venture capital .On this basis, it also labours the concrete issue existing in the venture capital mechanism on current stage in our country, and gives the practicable advice aiming at the concrete issue.Firstly, through describing the current situation and financing requirement of the high-tech enterprises, the paper points out that the traditional financing pattern does not meet the high-tech enterprises' financing requirement, then introduces a new financing tool -venture capital. Then comparing the characteristic of high-tech enterprise with venture capital mechanism, and reviewing the splendor development experience of venture capital, the paper proves the development of venture capital is the only way of improving the development of high-tech enterprises.Secondly, after conforming the necessity of developing the venture capital, the paper analyzes such concrete issues of venture capital mechanism on current stage as, shortage of does not have perfect laws and rules, the narrow fund-collecting channel, the seriously short of fund, the irreasonable organization form of invest corporation, few specialists on investment, the low level of medi-agency, and the unsmooth exit way on the background of the exterior system environment.The third part is the most important part of the article. Aiming at the problems existing in the venture capital mechanism, the paper analyzes them one by one, then finds the most suitable and practicable plan to the economical environment and level of economical development of our country. The plan is to finger out the laws and rules in favor of the venture capital's operation in order as soon as possible, establish the leading fund provided by government, offer governmental credit assurance and stock, reduce the tax to the high-tech enterprise, construct the polarizing investor frame including government, corporation, international investment company, achieve the legalization of private-collecting fund, quicken the course of endowment insurance fund of investment to the venture capital, that can solve the problem of capital shortage, to improve the rule-framework of the investment company, and expect to carry out the limited andpartnership company. Through the way of theoretics education and practice, introduce into the advanced technology and talent to promote the ability of investment specialist, strengthen the inspection to medi-agency and exploit the operation scope, bring forward a set of high-tech enterprise evaluating system suitable to choose the enterprise invested by the investment company. Last, buy by corporation, and-techniqufi-and property right dealing market is the practicable exit channel comparatively.
Keywords/Search Tags:high-tech enterprise, venture capital mechanism, venture capital company, venture capital fund, exit channel
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