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A Research On Forming An Off-shore Market In China

Posted on:2002-04-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360062975736Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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In this article the author makes analysis on the beginning development and present status of off-shore financial market .The paper gives a detailed account of operating feature and experience of the mode of main off-shore financial centers, as well as the relation among off-shore market, financial internationalization and our country's modernization . ss ncdbrrizat i 01 .The the feasibilities and necessities of setting up an off-shore financial market in China, and also expresses the conception on the mode of an off-shore financial market in china, and the measures to deal with the situations as follows .The article includes four parts: 1. The beginning and forming of an off-shore financial market.This part introduces the forming process, business scopes , capital status and development of an off-shore market.2.The modes and operating of the main off-shore market ,which are London type ,New York type and avoiding tax type .The author analysis the operating of the six financial markets in London ,Hong Kong ,New York , Japan , Singapore and Bahamas.3. The necessity and feasibility to form an off-shore market in china.The paper provides readers with lots of facts and digits to show that China is now at golden age to form an off-shore market.4. Conception to form an off-shore financial market in china.Based on the actual condition of China, the author points out 3 choices of mode, location and process, and puts forward concrete ideas of forming an offshore financial market in China. About the mode ,location and process, the author suggests we should take the New York type and the location should be shanghai and the process should be pushed by the government. At the end of the article, the author provides 8 suggestions to deal with the problems which will maybe meet in the process.
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