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On Contributing Factors And Avoiding & Eliminating Ways Of Non-performing Loan Of Yanbian National Commercial Banks

Posted on:2003-12-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360065450601Subject:Chinese Minority economy
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At present, low quality of credit assets exists universally in Yanbian national commercial banks. The reasons caused this situation are many sided, they are both historical and realistic, both external and internal.Low quality of credit assets is not only seriously imperiling national commercial banks' own existence and development, but also greatly weakening comprehensive competition of commercial banks of our country. For this reason, Yanbian National Commercial banks must take following effective measures rapidly. Firstly, the leaders concerned of Yanbian national commercial banks should bear responsibility conscientiously for eliminating non-performing loan. Secondly, Each national commercial bank should safeguard its status as an independent juridical person actively and put an end firmly to administrative intervention. Thirdly, commercial banks should speed up disposing of non-performing loan by various means. Fourthly, commercial banks should set up business manager system of managing non-performing loan. Fifthly, commercial banks should rigorously enforce grant and management of loan, so as to stop non-performing loan caused by breaking law and violating regulations. Sixthly, commercial banks should energetically strengthen control over borrowing ventures and eliminate objective reasons, which caused non-performing loan. Seventhly, commercial banks should select right lending methods to reduce loan risks. Eighthly, commercial banks should strengthen credit personnel training and enhance quality of credit personnel completely. Ninthly, commercial banks should constantly bring forth new assortment of loan.If Yanbian national commercial banks perform what mentioned above, they could avoid and eliminate non-performing loan and get rid of their burden to face financial competition from home and abroad with a brand-new attitude.
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