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Case Analysis Of Domestic Commercial Bank's Credit Rating System

Posted on:2002-07-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Credit rating is the base of loan risk management of commercial banks. Through several year's development, a set of credit rating system was set up by domestic commercial bands, which is practical and scientific . However, the system needs to be improved further. In this article, a case of credit rating to an industrial enterprise is selected . Through the study of the case , some pieces of advice are brought forward , which are about the flow-line of rating , the content of rating, the analytic method of rating, the structure of rating and the function of rating. The key point is how to improve the reasonableness, reliability and objectivity of the rating system. On the other hand , according to the difference between domestic and foreign commercial banks , some advice is made. Finally , three tendency of commercial bank's credit rating system is pointed out in the article .
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