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Investigation And Consideration About The Present Condition Of The Check-up And Application Of Conclusion Of Identification In The Judgment Of Civil Lawsuits

Posted on:2003-10-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Conclusion of forensic identification is one kind of the important legal evidence of civil procedure in China and the assistant tool applied by law-officer in lawsuit. However, the criterion or basis which justicer check and apply the conclusion of forensic science is only the law of civil procedure and relational legal notion or interpretation , which prescribe some simple rules of authorization in principle. And it is obvious that the work of forensic identification is in confusion . The paper with three parts is in the form of investigation report. In the paper , the writer firstly analyzes the character and function of the conclusion of forensic identification and the degree of the justicer's satisfaction with it through investigating the case of forensic science in civil lawsuit, according to the actuality that the justicer check and apply the conclusion of forensic identification. And then the writer seriatim analyzes the practical problems and causes and the character before the two regulations-some regulations about evidence in civil procedure and provisional criterion about the forensic science work of people's court-which are issued for enforcement by the highest court, and the character and the innovative or lacking sides of the two new regulations. At last, the paper gives the assumption of further reformation about the system forensic identification on the base of using foreign correlative regulations and useful practices for reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:The using case of the conclusion of identification, The investigation, The innovation and lack sides of regulations about evidence in civil procedure and provisional criterion of work of forensic identification of people' court
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