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The Risk Control And System Arrangement Of Venture Capital Fund

Posted on:2002-07-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Title:The risk control and system arrangement of Venture Capital FundThere are three chapters in this thesis.Chapter one is about some overall descriptions on Venture Capital Fund. In section one of this chapter,some typical conceptions about Venture Capital Fund are cited. This thesis defines Venture Capital Fund as the kind capital,which is constructed according to the modem corporation institution or the kind of clientage investment by contract,with the target of share investing in those highly growing Enterprises or the early stage of some promising projects,in order to make original investment more valuable by selling those share on open markets. Divided by the organizing module,there are Venture Capital Fund Company and Venture Capital Fund bonds. Divided by the collection way,there are private Venture Capital Fund and public Venture Capital Fund. Many examples and data illustrate that Venture Capital Fund has been undergoing a highly development in United States and other countries.There are three sections in Chapter two. As an effective form of investment,Venture Capital Fund has been proved successful in pushing forward the development of Hi-tech Industry. But it's still in face of the risk of the market and its own merits,those unsystematic risk like the technical risks,management risks and market risks,etc. By introduction of systematic and unsystematic risk,the ideas of risk management,government guidance and effective incentive are induced.Only by scientific system arrangement and proper government guidance can the risk brought by dissymmetry of information be relieved.Chapter three is on the risk control and system arrangement of Venture Capital Fund. It's divided as four sections. They are the systematic privileges of Venture Capital Fund in supporting the venture career,the Systematic Economics explanation of how Venture Capital Fund can relieve the costs of venture investment activities,the control of the risk of "consigning and representing" and the realistic option of how we run Venture Capital Fund in China.According to the theory of Information Economics,there are different best financing options for the corporation to choose in different stage of development even in a stable outside market environment. Accordingly there's a multiple-functioned financing system to serve it which will not only enhance the effect of social fiscal allocation,but also relieve the financial risk of capital market.
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