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Environmental Protection And Clean Production Of Steel Industry

Posted on:2003-04-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360092470944Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The steel industry is the pillar for national economy development,and its level of development is an important symbol of the comprehensive strength of a nation. With the constant development of national economy,China has scored great achievements attracting worldwide attention in the steel industry. The annual production capacity of China has been surpassing 100,000,000(One hundred million) tons for six running years since 1996,and is expected to reach 180,000,000 tons in this year,ranking China as No. 1 among countries all over the world to deserve such title as a major steel-producing country.The steel industry,a typical industry in traditional economy development featuring energy and resource intensive,brings adversity to natural environment in addition to stimulus to rapid growth of national economy. In the 21st century,the survival and development of steel industry depends on not only the factors of market and profits,but also other crucial elements such as econominazition of resources,protection of environment and compatibility with society. Therefore,it is a subject of the times whether or not the steel industry can become an ecological industry and how to realize coordinated development of economic growth with environmental protection. Clean production finds it way to integrate the economic development with environmental protection and is an inevitable way for realization of environmental protection and sustainable development.On basis of discussing the basic connotation of the clean production,elaborates focused on the important function of clean production for national economic development. The clean production is an important means for enterprises to achieve the integrated benefits of economic return,social benefit and environment effect,is an effective measure for Chinato engage in international competition,is the optimum mode for prevention of industrial pollution,is an important means for enterprises to achieve the integrated benefits of economic return,social benefit and environment effect,is an effective measure for China to engage in international competition.This paper provides a detailed summarization of the achievement that the steel industry of China has scored in respect of clean production and scrutinized analysis on the problems existing in clean production,and furthermore elaborates the advantageous conditions for carrying out clean production. This paper defined the immediate target of "Energy consumption for work process surpassing the internationally advanced level,and establishment of a batch of pollution-free factories " for steel industry. Centering on the means such as gradually rooting out the pollution sources,process control and necessary end treatment,this section introduced the environment-friendly energy-saving and environmental protection that the steel industry gives priority to. Proposes the specific measures for promoting clean production within Anyang Iron and Steel Plant,based on summarization for the production practices adopted by Anyang Iron and Steel Plant as well as the favorable conditions enjoyed by Anyang Iron and Steel Plant such as product mix adjustment and equipment upgrading.
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