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The Theoretical And Positive Analysis On The State-Owned Commercial Bank's Non-Performing Assets In The Financial System Change

Posted on:2004-09-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The lesson in the history of international finance shows us a serious problem thatcan't be ignored-the bank's non-performing loan, for a long period, this problemis always a hard kont in the line of international bank, and becomes the main reason that lead the bank business to failure.Currently, the issue of non-performing loan existing in the Chinese bank is very serious, through several years' effort, the proportion of non-performing loan become lower than before, but by the year of later 2002,the proportion still up to 25.4%,geatly higher than the international guard point.The innovation and development of Chinese finance system represent financial control by government.this kind of financial control is mainly outspread from two aspects, one is financial resource mobilisation, the other is financial resource deployment.therefore, the state can preserve plus practicality interest rate to attract citizen's deposit, and in the process of financial deployment can perform different credit policy between state-owned and non-sate-owned enterprise.the concealed agreement relationship existing in the state, the state-owned bank and the state-owned enterprise is the main deeply reason that bring on the huge amount of badness assets and the bank's low risk resistance ability.The special action in the bank credit market is the coexist of the two division markets in the requirement trap market, through the further study of trust agent thoery, we know that the prompting system that the deputy is superintended by another one exists abundantly in our daily life, in order to advance the development of private economic and settle the problem of duality division in Chinese credit market, Chinese government should consider setting up quasi-commonweal bank, and offer a loan to the small private enterprise answering for the requirement conditions.According to the respective backgrounds, the countries all over the world adopt different arrangement to deal with the bank's badness assets, in 1999,Chinese government began to set up four financial assets management companies take charge aspectly to peel off the overdue, slacken and bad debt loan formed by the four state-owned commercial banks before the late 1995.the debt recombine is an important way resolving bank financial risk and helping state-owned company get out from the difficulties. Every group wants to pursue the interest maximization through some action.Resolving to the bad creditor's rights leaved by the system of state-owned commercial bank, the main idea is use for the reference of other countries, and makeassets securitization put into practice.To tackle the badness loan existing in Chinese bank, we must unchain the concealed agreement relationship between the government, state-owned company and the bank, and make innovation to the property right system of state-owned company and state-owned bank, then we can strengthen the risk management and put an end to the badness loan when building up an excellent exterior business circumstance and constructing a perfect interior business system.
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