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Inquiry About Information Disclosure Of Our Country's Stock Market

Posted on:2004-03-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092497799Subject:Business management
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In the stock market, trade itself can't create wealth. Trade market is the market where wealth is redistributed and social resources are redeployed as well. In order to impartially and effectively redistribute wealth and reasonably and effectively redistribute the social resources, establishing and consummating the information disclosure system the key ache. Based on analyzing modem theory. Stock market information disclosure experience of foreign developed countries and stock market information disclosure in china, the paper intends to explore out the corresponding strategies for accelerating the establishment of our country's stock market information disclosure system.The paper analyzes the effective market theory, informatics theory, game theory and stock pricing theory and elaborates the necessaries of establishing reasonable stock market information disclosure system. From the effective market theory, on a effective stock market, the price of various stocks can fully all possible information and price signal is the inner mechanism of deploying capital effectively hi the stock market. The key problem of establishing effective stock market is to establish reasonable information disclosure system. As well as the theorical analysis, the paper also elaborates the information disclosure development and compares the foreign information disclosure systems. We should bravely absorb and refer to the foreign experience and lessons, to establish our own information disclosure system, which meets our stock market present situation and development. We should make it sure that the establishment of information disclosure system is a procedure of benefit relatives continuous conflicting and coordinating. Thus, the government sectors should perform superintendence duty to establish perfect information disclosure system to satisfy the demand of investors.Since the stock markets were first developed, our country has paid much attention to the establishment of information disclosure. We have gotten a lot of valuable experience and the base of helpful exploration and attempt. But because of our immature stock market, historical causes and realistic limitation, it will take some time to establish the mature information disclosure system. The paper using the demonstrational research analyzes the information demands of theinformation demand subjects in the stock market. First, strategy for the information disclosure under the background of not having reached half-strong type effective market. Second, under the background of "policy market" strategy for normalizing the disclosure of policy information. Third, under background of "burgeoning market" strategy for the information disclosure. At the same time, the superintendence of stock market information disclosure should be strengthened. The government and the laws should make the superintendence on market company's information disclosure as the keystone, increase the punishment intensity, raise the cost of breaking promise, establish media competitive system to accelerate establish the credit culture, create good working environment for intermediary organizations, increase the quality of stock market information disclosure basically, protect the legal rights of investors, improve the efficiency of stock market operation and better accelerate the developing of our national economy and society.
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