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The Public Company Accounting Information Disclosure Regulation

Posted on:2003-10-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360095952878Subject:Political economy
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Accounting information disclosure of listed company is a basic means to lower the information asymmetry of securities market, to increase the capital disposition and to strengthen market's validity. It can also protect the investors' benefit, strengthen the confidence in securities market, develop and perfect the operation of the market effectively. For the reason, as far as the perspective of regulation, it should be the core content of securities regulation to accounting information disclosure of listed company. However, because of the technique, system and many other factors in our country, the regulation of listed company's information disclosure hasn't been the emphasis of regulation since the securities market was established. In recent years, some typical cases such as Qiongminvuan, Hongguang, Houwanggufen, Tmguangxia, occurred one after another. The investor's confidence in the market has been frustrated. A lot of problems of the market can't been changed easily as it existed so long. In 2001. National Peoples Congress pointed out in enforcing and checking <> : "It is a widespread problem that the information disclosure isn't true in raising shares, listing, allotting shares and the annual reports of listed company." All the above explain that there are serious shortage in the securities regulation in our country. In fact, in the beginning of writing this paper, the author discovered that the research in our country mainly focused on the repeated discussion of information disclosure system, the regulation system modes and the existing problem. But the specific researches of regulation were quite a lew.This paper makes our country's actual hot issues the research's object. Why the phenomenon that listed company discloses information against rules and the securities regulation fails existed for a long period in our country? The paper tries to discuss how to regulate the accounting disclosure of listed company, and mainly to answer the question as follows:1. From the actual circumstance of our country, which economic theories can sustain the regulation of accounting information disclosure?2. What is the present status of accounting information disclosure against rules in our country?3. Why the demand of accounting information disclosure against rules is large?4. Why the supply of accounting information disclosure against rules is abundant?5. Why the regulation to the accounting information disclosure failed? What is the deep reason?6. Whether the current system of information disclosure regulation is arranged reasonable in our country?7. How to walk out of the dilemma of the regulation failure in our countrv?The paper adopts some basic research methods that include the normative and pasitive analysis, model and case analysis. It makes qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis combined. It tries to study the problem completely, thoroughly, systematically and reach some beneficial conclusions.The paper includes 1 foreword and 4 chapters.The foreword introduces the bases, the meaning, the present study, the emphasis and the methods, etc.Chapter 1 " economic consideration of accounting information disclosure regulation " put great emphasis on summarizing some basic economics theories that sustain accounting information disclosure and regulation, and establishing theoretical fundamental for the study and analysis afterward. In this chapter, the paper first definite the basic concept of accounting information disclosure, and consider that the accounting information also includes some non-finance information. Then the author take three economics considerations of accounting information disclosure: 1) the logic cause of accounting is the information asymmetry of securities market; 2) establishing a game model of searching accounting information, and confirming a conflict between "individual reasonableness'' and "synthetic false" in securities market. The existence of information disclosure is reasonable; 3) giving the ec...
Keywords/Search Tags:Listed Company, Disclosure of Accounting Information, Demand of Disclosing against Rules, Supply of Disclosing against Rules, Regulation Failure, Walk out of the Dilemma
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