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The Study Of Problems And Countermeasures Of Foreign Loan Utilization In Shaanxi Province

Posted on:2003-07-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360092965324Subject:Business Administration
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The level of foreign capital utilizing shows a country's economic attraction and vigor. Foreign loan utilizing, as an important part of absorbing foreign capital, is the key to promote economic development and international Eco & Tech. cooperation, as well as to enhance foreign relation. Shaanxi province started to use the foreign loan at the beginning of 1980s. In twenty years time, a lot of foreign loan projects have been constructed, which effectively improved the development of transportation telecom, infrastruction, agriculture, and sanitation in Shaanxi. However, there does exist some problems and difficulties such as low utilizing efficiency, poor refund, and lagged management etc. With the carrying out of "West China Development Strategy", many foreign loan institutions shift their loan area to Middle and West China. This provides a golden opportunity for Shaanxi province. Therefore, how to take the chance to enhance the scale and the quality of foreign loan in Shaanxi province is no doubt desirable study subject no matter in theory or in practice.Referring to the economy reform and the status of foreign capital utilizing in Shaanxi province, applying the relative theory such as Investment, International Finance, Statistics, and Management, and through the deep investigation and evaluation, the paper analyze the status and the problems of Shaanxi province foreign loan using in the round, and study the countermeasures as well as the suggestions. The paper consists of six parts:the first part, exordium, introduces the background and aim of subproject. The second part, introduces the basic concept and main ways of foreign loan using. The third part studies the status of China absorbing foreign capital as well as its impact on the economic development. In the base of investigation and research, the paper analyze the status of foreign loan using in Shaanxi province, and appraise its impact. The fourth part, studies the existing problems and difficulties, such as poor refund, lagged management etc. The fifth part, analyzes the countermeasures from five aspects as following, management mechanism, finance structure, application system, debt management, and risk control. The sixth part is conclusion.The paper aims to provide some suggestion to relative department. However, because of the complexity and universality of foreign loan utilizing, the study pays much attention to the application. Next, it's necessary to study the foreign loan utilizing mechanism in depth.
Keywords/Search Tags:Foreign Loan, Problems Analysis, Countermeasures study
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