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Fuzzy Judgment Of Enterprise's Credit-rating Disquisition

Posted on:2004-07-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J H YuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092981909Subject:Systems analysis and integration
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Enterprise credit is a integrate reflection for faith and reputation during the management process of a corporation. It include the character, model of management, reputation status, credit ability and the reputation among the public. Full comprehension of an enterprise credit is more facile to prevent the excessive expansion and dilation of credit. In the more significance hand, it will regulate the action of corporations in the market economy and increase the transparence of their management. So, it will resist the economy cheating in the end. Not long time ago, China has join the WTO, a better credit evaluation will give a corporation a better financial channel and more effective management. In the result, a more perfect credit market system will be formed. Through this way, Chinese enterprises will improve their competition ability in the world. However, the research of the enterprise credit system for the modern corporations began very late in China. The research concentration was mostly on the banks and some organizations of credit evaluation. Such research were discrete, not integration. In China, it is still a vacuity on the research of credit rating system. In the research field of how to form a mechanism of credit market, how to lead the nation economy into a better and healthy circulation, how to improve the evaluation system ,the credit evaluation theory is the key.In this paper, it adopted the latest and most valuable fuzzy theory and mathematics statistics in the analysis and quantity for the behavior variants of the corporations. It forms a reasonable weight, reflects the character and real status of the credit rating system and conclude the certification and analysis result.
Keywords/Search Tags:Fuzzy judgment, Credit-rating, Evaluation
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