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The Research Of The Corporate Credit Rating System In The Economic Law Of China

Posted on:2016-02-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the Reform and Opening up, Chinese economic development has made remarkable achievements.In 2010 Chinese economy has surpassed Japan to becoming the second largest one among the world economies.However,the widespread corporate dishonesty and inadequate social integrity seriously affected the quality of Chinaís economic development.These seriously affecting the quality of Chinaís economic development.In the critical period of deepening economic reform, improving corporate credit rating system hence becomes urgent.Construction of enterprise credit rating system is in its infancy, and there is still a wide gap compared with the foreign advanced level.On the one hand, legislative scattered and legal hierarchy is low, and lack of coordinated and harmonized legal system.On the other hand, the problem of supervision bulls and regulatory overlap is serious.In addition,the confusion of market access confusion, lack of corporate credit rating accreditation system, the absence of reward system and other problems are also severely restricts the development and improvement of our corporate credit rating system.In this paper, "corporate credit rating system" is the research object,combines the basic theory of corporate credit rating and the value of economic search the value proposition of enterprise credit rating system.And on this basis,combined with foreign corporate credit rating systemís construction experience and lessons, find defects and deficiencies of the current system of corporate credit rating,and targeted based on the current status of Chinaís economic development, put forward a series of suggestions to improve based on the current development of Chinaís economy.This paper is divided into four parts:The first part begins with the concept and features of enterprise credit rating system, and then explains the corporate credit rating systemís basis of economics and history,which provides a theoretical support for the latter part of the paper.The second part demonstrates the corporate credit rating systemís value orientation and effectiveness in the economic law.In building corporate credit rating system,we should take the overall effectiveness and benefit of our society as its basic values,and take safety as its core values,as well as should strike a balance between fairness and coordination.The corporate credit rating systemís effectiveness in the economic law it can improve the effectiveness of the national macro-control policy,can promote the sustainable development of enterprises and can promote the financial market development,it is also a prerequisite for Chinaís economic integration into the world economy.The third part focuses on the development of foreign corporate credit rating system.In this part I searched development history of the US, EU and Japanís corporate credit rating system,sort the evolution of the foreign corporate credit rating system,and summarized lessons we can learn in accordance with the condition of China.Part IV,on discusses on the basis of the previous article,summed up the defects of our corporate credit rating access system, corporate credit rating accreditation system, corporate credit rating regulatory system, corporate credit rating and other aspects of the reward system.And combined with the experience and lessons of foreign-related system and Chinese systemís current situation,I also made some suggestions for improvement.Improving the corporate credit rating system relates to the success of our social credit system construction,and also relates to the development speed and the development of quality in the context of Chinaís New Normal,and more directly determines our say in the fierce competition of the global economy.This paper compares the system and introduces the theoretical system,hoping to provide some new ideas for improving the credit rating system,and help China deepen economic reform and improve the quality of economic development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Corporate Credit Rating, Value Proposition, The market access Approval rating, Rating supervision
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