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Research On Lebour Property Remold Of The State-Owned Enterprise

Posted on:2004-01-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360095460318Subject:Business Administration
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The Arthur think in his work experience, the reform of the state-owned enterprise is always emphasis on configuration of their property right. For escaping the property of the state-owned leached, the property right of the state-owned is occupied majority. Accruing the only biggest of the state-owned property right is. There is other kind of property right even, but occupied a little. In fact it can not be reached the purpose of diversity of property right, there would be the diversity of property right though. As the biggest of the property right of the state-owned, the power must be the biggest. The power could not be restrained. It can not be accrued a democratic mechanism of decision-making. The framework of the state-owned enterprise is changed, but the error of it is still existing. It is impossible for scientific one of the mechanism of the state-owned enterprise reformed and for establishing standard legal person to administer structure. The state-owned enterprise reform of our country of property relations, but, for nearly decade, has the two major problems that do not still get basic solution, one is the main problem of property right of establishing diversity , the other is to establish standard legal person to administer structural problem. The main problem of property right of establishing diversity and standard legal person to administer structure are maturing in the Western countries. They are pretty good framework and mechanism. Why do we do not very well enough? The reason is that we can not be creative to study the modern property relations of western enterprise, emphasize capital property right too, especially benefit and the role of state-owned capital property right, the role of property right has overlooked to work with benefit, make a lot of reform measures of state-owned enterprise flow in form. Therefore must pay attention to work property right mold , this is not only the needs of state-owned enterprise reform, it is also the inner requirement of socialist public system. This paper has looked closely at its relation and the intension of socialist public systemand labor property right again , and has carried out overall analysis for the historical process of development, role and the form of labor property right. Through the thorough research for the labor theoretical and realistic form of property right seek to go abroad have enterprise establishment the new route of labor property relations — — state-owned enterprise take apart share system. At the same time, realistic role and the theoretical meaning of binary share system also make ample explanation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Property right, society ownership, legal person administers structure, divides into share system
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