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Study On The System Of Witness Presenting At Court

Posted on:2004-02-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S H ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122470101Subject:Procedural Law
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The system of the criminal witness presents in court is the important component in the criminal evidence system, The development of witness' system indicates that the witness appears in court is not merely the need to find out the truth of case, but also the need to ensure the client's equal rights. This lecture analyzed the witness' concept, probe into the characteristic of witness' testimony further, Regarded as the evidence that one kind of criminal suit is important, witness' testimony must be in a situation that the witness appears in court, Could guarantee it as value of evidence of words. But of our country criminal suit person who appear in court very low witness have, have its history traditional reason already, There is a reason of the citizen's legal consciousness too, but the more important thing is legislating and reason of the administration of justice. The current situation of criminal suit of our country and contradiction of the criminal justice reform should be solved, the witness must testify. Our country hasn't set up perfect witness appear in court system. In order to set up effective witness appear in court system, we must go on from five respects : first, establish the system that force witnesses to testify, Practice and regard forcing witnesses to testify as and solve the first choice that the witness defaults in legislation and administration of justice of the countries all over the world, our country is no exception; Second, set up the right that the witness testifies and ensure the system, expand the ethical basis of peace conference that the witness testifies, It is the lawsuit democratization, civilized tide of history too; Third, set up the direct words , only set up direct words , Self-evident too that the witness testifies in criminal suit; Fourth, get used to according to the lawsuit of our country, set up the procedure that the scientific witness testified; Fifth, the application method of the written testimony of the standard , rigorously enforce the service condition of the written testimony.
Keywords/Search Tags:witness presenting at court, the protection of witness, compensation, written testimony
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