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Effective Financial Efficiency And Empirical Evaluation On Financial Reform In China

Posted on:2005-08-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C Q LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122475215Subject:Industrial economy
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Now China's economy is in the turning period from planned economy to market economy. Although we have got rich achievements in more than two decades since reform and open, some deeper paradises have come out as the deeper reforming step by step. Along with the old industrial structure and sharp international competition, there is a need for new reformation to improve economy to go up into higher level. In the current situation, financial reform comes to the front. Since the reform and open, governmental over-control caused the financial system not to keep pace with the detrimental change of real industry, which hinders the economic development and economic efficiency's increase. This to say that the financial reform is overwhelming and the target of the reform are to increase financial efficiency.This thesis begins with the origin, purpose and function of finance to discuss the relations with finance and economy. It is concluded that financial efficiency's lowness is the main reason for financial function lack in the economic development and that to increase the financial efficiency is the truth to financial reform. And then by the complicated analysis of financial efficiency and discussion of the relations between financial efficiency and economic efficiency, the concept of effective financial efficiency has come out and financial reform is with the target of effective financial efficiency has been confirmed with the twin-ability financial efficiency and targeted efficiency. Then with the method of vague complicated evaluation, our effective financial efficiency has been analyzed systematically and entirely including the evaluation of financial targeted efficiency, evaluation of financial industrial efficiency and that of effective financial efficiency. The evaluation result indicates that our China's effective financial efficiency has got some improvement since reform and open, which means that our financial reform has got some achievement; but in contrast with that of the developed countries, our effective financial efficiency is still very lower. And therefore the financial reform should be carried out with more strength. Due to the analysis of the evaluation result, the most significant reason for our lower financial efficiency is that the financial system has not taken the function of resources allocation optimism. Finally, with the result, some respectable suggestions have been given from the strength, focus of financial reform and the like.
Keywords/Search Tags:financial efficiency, effective financial efficiency, targeted efficiency, resources allocation, Parato optimism
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