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The Research Of Financial Efficiency Influenced By Financial Engineering

Posted on:2003-06-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360065455966Subject:International trade
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Economy globalization and economy financing becomes irreversible trend. After our China being the number of WTO, financial industry's international competition is about to more and more fierce. The method of increasing financial industry must change from the quantity expanded to the financial efficiency improved. Researching the way of improving financial efficiency is practical and urgent. In 1980's, the western financial innovation came into being and it promoted financial engineering, which is the most important reason that promoted the high financial efficiency. This text is base on the experience of the abroad financial industry developing and the financial efficiency condition of our China presently. The thesis analyses the influence of developing financial engineering towards the financial microcosmic efficiency and the financial macrocosmic efficiency and the financial marketing efficiency completely. The thesis drew a conclusion that the financial engineering of development is the basic path that increases the financial efficiency of our country.The structure of the thesis is as follow: the first part is the research purpose and definition of the concept; the second part is the statement of the theories of financial engineering and financial efficiency; the third part discusses the influence of financial engineering on the financial microcosmic efficiency; the fourth part discusses the influence of financial engineering on the financial marketing efficiency; the fifth part state the influence of financial engineering on the financial macrocosmic efficiency; the last part discusses the basic way that our country develop the financial engineering to increasing the financial efficiency.It is not enough that the research of the financial engineering and the financial efficiency just lingers on the stage of theory research. The financial engineering is not only the technique concept, and is also the new view of financial efficiency. It provide the principle, the method and the whole set of tools, and work out the current financial problem in a creative way. Whether from the improvement of the exterior environment of the macrocosmic efficiency, or the microcosmic or the marketing economic, the financial engineering can bring up the different solution of level of structure according to the level of structure of the emergence problem. Therefore the development of financial engineering is the considerable way of increasing the financial efficiency.
Keywords/Search Tags:financial efficiency, financial engineering, financial derivative, risks operation
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