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On The Construction Of Civil Society With Chinese Characteristics

Posted on:2005-07-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y W GongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122494862Subject:Political Theory
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Since Chinese reform and opening-up, the relationship between state and society has changed largely. The initiative, enthusiasm and creativity of Chinese society are growing evident .Under such historical background, the writer begins to concern the study of Chinese civil society.The writer argues that a mature and reasonable civil society hasn't taken shape in contemporary china. However, because of twenty year's reform and opening-up, especially the construction of socialism market economy, Chinese society is getting liberation from state's control. At the same time, a series of possible conditions on constructing a socialism civil society have generated in china. However, as a historical phenomenon, civil society is not a natural and unchangeable thing. So it hasn't a accordant and common pattern, it is only a social phenomena with specialty. So the way to develop Chinese civil society must be different from the western civil society. We should combine the common law of developing civil society with Chinese specific situation to discuss the peculiar problem of constructing Chinese civil society.The paper is divided into four parts. The first part defines and analyzes the conception of civil society. In this part, the writer not only generalized the essential connotation of conception from the conception's evolution of civil society, but also, the writer compares the two resemble conceptions of civil society and puts forward some opinions on taking western conception to analyze Chinese problem.The second part mainly expounds the possible condition and practical foundation of constructing Chinese civil society. In this part, the writer takes a great interest in the social changes in contemporary china. Furthermore, the writer states that the market's reform and the transformation of the relationship between state and society make civil society taking shape in china.The third part is the most important part of all the paper. This part primarily expounds the particularity of developing Chinese civil society. Such as the impetus from government, the un-resist separation of state and society, the socialism market economy that is Chinese civil society's economical foundation and the complexity and incompleteness of Chinese civil society's culture characteristic.In the fourth part, the writer thinks it necessary to constructing a mature and reasonable civil society, because it can promote the socialism political civilization's progress and development.
Keywords/Search Tags:civil society, construct, possibility, particularity, necessity
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