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Research On Currency Crisis And The Choice Of RMB Exchange Rate System

Posted on:2005-12-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the past 20 years, the adverse effect on the international economy has become more serious because of erupting frequently in currency crisis, This make people face this severe reality, think how contain and take precautions against the emergences of currency crisis effectively. So, probe the emergence of the currency crisis and develop mechanism, the course of conducting of the crisis, Studied the effect of currency crisis on economy and design precautions against currency crisis and system arrange for policies and measures who currency crisis take place, Seeming has important theory and realistic meaning.At present, our country is being in economic transition period , all there are a lot of places not perfect in economic system and market structure, Have more structural and system quality risk among the courses of economical operation. In case of this, crisis-ridden international financial markets have put forward the severe challenge for the currency authorities of our country. System at one a item of important monetary systems too constantly at the reform in order to meet a challenge exchange rate RMB.This paper proceed from mechanism of the currency crisis, analyzed from theory and realistic. Then focus on the system origin cause of formation of the currency crisis, discover through the relation to the currency crisis and exchange rate system: we can not say any kind of bad exchange rate regimes are bad or not, it is very important to a country of economies in any states, And whether inside and outside national economies balanced state choose the system of exchange rate meeting, This point for suppressing monetary crisis take place and promote national economies essential growth, we can only choice when opportunity is well and can not stick to outmoded practice. Then, under international speculative capital rampant situation day by days, should choose what kind of 's exchange rate regime? This paper think choose intermediate exchange rale regime in which lie fixed exchange rate and floating rate regime. At last, this paper propose train of thought of designing to RMB target zones exchange rate regime. This text is exactly around the analysis of origin cause of formation of monetary crisis currency crisis and exchange rate system relation are studied and Choose what kind of's RMB exchange rate regime the thread link an organic whole full text including 5parts.Five chapters of full text are summed up as follows: The theory of the monetary crisis of chapter one of the thesis analysis, the concept to the monetary crisis at first has been defined in this chapter, And has studied the first generation of model and the second generation of model of the monetary crisis, Analysis developing country's monetary crisis at the same time, Result find better explanation the reasons of erupting monetary crisis in developing countries by a generation of monetary crisis model. It isthe realistic analysis of the currency crisis in Chapter two, Among this chapter Southeast Asia monetary crisis and Europe monetary crisis and the Asian financial crisis carry on case the discussions of type. The Ivuropean monetary crisis is that the national outside of alliance of currency unites the system of floating rate with the halanced classical case which cause the crisis of development inside European Union, The Southeast Asian monetary crisis is betters representative who studies developing country's monetary crisis. Result who reality analysis reflect card nail and live and the mismatches of economic cycle to break out the systems origin cause of formation of monetary crisis the fixed exchange rate systems of U.S. dollar too. Chapter three of the thesis begins to analysis the system of exchange rate and relation of the monetary crisis. The views of this text at the emergence respects of monetary crisis of suppressing, floating rate seem and have advantages than fixed exchange rate system really by system, But most a important one still at a economic one at developing stage, and inside and outside national economies balanced stat...
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