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Research On The Credit Risk Management Of Commercial Banks

Posted on:2004-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The bank is a trade of a high risk, while offering various kinds of financial products, Undertaking various kinds of risks too. We can say, since the human society presents the business, such as loans and deposits etc., accompany someone with it in the risk of the bank and risk management, Become a component of the system of the bank. So, to the understanding of the risk, management theory and technology, form essence, the deepest respect the most that we realize to the modern bank.Chinese banking begin and try and set up as far back as 1996" award letter, examine loan separate, hierarchical examination and approval, responsibility clearly demarcated in unison" award letter management system, Introduced customer's credit rating system and loan risk categorized system again later, Make loan authorize system and customer award letter management method in unison, pursue customer award letter manage in unison all-sided. However, up till now, still there are great deals of questions in the management system of credit risks of commercial bank of our country.This text stands on bank risk administrator's angle, regard risk management of the bank as a system engineering, Regard establishing intact risk management frame as the final goal, analyses experience and method succeeding abroad conscientiously, So as to combination of theory and practice, to how solve domestic commercial bank credit practical problem of risk management go on systematic but overall research. On the organization frameworks of credit risks of the bank, have absorbed the foreign outstanding achievement, Combine era characteristic and current situation of China, and carry on to their supplementary and perfectly. At the same time, through analyzing to the real example that the commercial bank of our country carries on, put forward the effective risk management mode.
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