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Management Of Commercial Banks' Credit Risk

Posted on:2003-12-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the deeply development of the economic reform of china. Our commercial banks have to change their view ,operation way,and management system. The safety of commercial banks related to that the whole national economy. Credit asset is the major asset of our commercial banks. So credit risk is the focus of economical risk,It has directly influence to the reform of the whole financial system and social economy. It is Obviously,an important topic for the central bank and commercial banks themselves that how to manage and control the credit risk. There are many problems that cause a bad quantity of commercial banks' credit asset. Such as the unperfect credit situation and the undevelopment of management system. After China' s entering of WTO,its banks will take part in the competition in globe size. To strengthen the control of credit risk and optimize the quantity of credit assets of China' s commercial banks become the kernel of operating commercial banks. Because the reason referred before ,it is important and practical to research how to control the credit risk of commercial banks.This paper presents the credit risk' s definition,how to distinguish a credit risk it ' s requirements of emerging,and an usual methods of credit risk management .Related to the situation of China' s commercial banks it analyses the presents,characters and courses of the credits risk in China' s Commercial banks. And the major point of this paper is to show a way to avoid and relief credit risk through.To strengthen the management and control the credit risk of the commercial banks is good for decreasing the ratio of harmful Loan and will make commercial banks play a more important role in national economy. However it' s hard thing. It need the commercial banks,the government and the society get together and make effort to make our banks become the real commercial banks with international competition.
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