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Issue On The Effectiveness Of Listed Company's Accounting Information Disclosure

Posted on:2005-02-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Accounting information of listed companies is not only the important constitute of security market, but also the source of deriving the other information. Various participators make decision mainly base on disclosed accounting information of listed companies. The multifarious cheats in security market during recent years, such as ZHENG BAI WEN, YIN GUANG XIA etc., brought great damage to large amount investors, also seriously interfered the operation of security market, injured the image of security market in the heart of large amount investors. Ineffectiveness of accounting information that disclosed by listed companies is an important factor, which caused above phenomenon. The main reasons that led to inefficiency of accounting information embody in Chinese security market is still immature and still at the weak effectiveness stage, the law and statute about information disclosure is not sound. Furthermore, the listed company's corporate governance mechanisms is imperfect because largely listed companies transformed from state-owned enterprises. The main purpose of this paper is to find out effective strategies to solve above problems.This paper begins in the necessity about how to enhance the effectiveness of accounting information that disclosed by listed companies, points out the presence of accounting information disclosure, and brings forward some suggestions base on the mature security market experience. Finally, draw a conclusion for the whole paper.The first chapter is introduction. This part mainly introduces the risk that due to indetermination of security market, necessity and two theories of accounting information disclosure.The second chapter is about the presence of accounting information that disclosed by listed companies. This chapter is make up of three aspects: the problem exists in quantity; the problem exists in quality; the problem exists in timeliness.The third chapter analyses the main reasons that affected the effectiveness of accounting information disclosure. Such as the accounting information standard and policy is not sound, weakness exists in the listed company's internal governance mechanisms and the domestic security market is immature etc.The fourth chapter demonstrates how to improve the effectiveness of accounting information disclosure. This chapter is make up of five aspects: firstly, improving the accounting information disclosure standard and policy; secondly, perfecting the listedcompany s internal governance mechanisms; thirdly, building a well-dimensioned information regulatory system; fourthly, compiling and delivering the just-in-time financial report; fifthly, compiling standardized Pro Forma Financial Information.The final part is a conclusion. This part summarizes the whole thesis simply, which show that it is a challenge to solve the problems about inefficiency of information disclosure quickly, but we feel confident in reaching our goals only if we take various effective measures synchronously at once.
Keywords/Search Tags:Accounting Information Disclosure, Effectiveness, The Market For Corporate Control, Regulation, Pro Forma Financial Information.
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