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Research In Accounting Information Disclosure Regulation

Posted on:2005-10-15Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360122999099Subject:Industrial Economics
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Information cost is the core of market exchange cost. To reduce information cost is essential to reduce security exchange market cost and improve market resource allocation efficiency. Most of the security markets regard information disclosure system as their core of security regulation system around the world. Because information in security market mainly consists of accounting information. Accounting information disclosure system becomes the core of information disclosure system. Accounting information disclosure regulation is the main means of the application of accounting information system. Although each county characterize their own accounting information disclosure regulation system. Their aim in common is to improve accounting information quantity and information quality so as to reduce the information cost and exchange cost and improve security market resource allocation efficiency. As the changes come from technology and security exchange, existed accounting information disclosure regulation system always be challenged. All of this force accounting information disclosure regulation system changes accordingly. As America energy magnate Eron bankrupt in December 2001, accounting scandal give rise to serious accounting information disclosure regulating innovation all around America, and almost all round the world. Now China is in the term of transitional economics. Intensely surrounding transformation always challenges Chinese accounting information disclosure regulation system. False accounting information and accounting information manipulation appears continuously do harm Chinese security resource allocation function. Thus, it is essential for us to probing regulation aim and regulation significance, compare the characters of different country's accounting information disclosure regulation, summarize their experiences of success and defeat, analyze their regulation innovation tendency, and establish Chinese characterized accounting information disclosure regulation system.The principally research method used in this paper is norm research method. There are much advanced theory used in this paper, such as information economics, law economics, regulation economics etc. Step by step, the significance of accounting information disclosure and the necessity of compulsory accounting information disclosure and the suitable regulation supply was displayed in this paper. Each layer of regulation have their own function and efficiency and they interact with each other. According to the analysis of each country's law and economic background, much regulation characters of each country were compared. The soul of this paper is to analyze the short of accounting information disclosure regulation in china and to establish the efficient innovation of regulation model. There are many positive research solutions induced in this paper as the evidences of norm research.The main conclusions drawn in this paper can be concluded as below:1. The problem of the necessity of compulsory accounting information disclosure regulation. Firm is only legal fiction. Actually, firm is a nexus for a set of contracting relationships. Accounting information disclosure is a tool to collaborate firm's benefitrelations. Accounting information is not only the tools to measure firm resource investments, but also the public accepted standard to allocate firm benefit. It is one of the important tools to reduce contracting cost and to promote contracting performance. In security market, accounting information disclosure is not only important to reducing contracting cost, but also important to improve market fluency and firm's market value added and security market allocation efficiency. Thus, accounting information naturally has its economic consequence. It is the Dynamic gamble equilibrium of firm's relations. Not only accounting information disclosure has its economics consequence, but also does the arrangement of accounting rules formulation. It can effect accounting information binging forth and disclosure through effect accounting rules fo...
Keywords/Search Tags:suitable accounting information disclosure regulation, public regulation of accounting information disclosure, self-regulation incentives, Accounting information disclosure regulation fund
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