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The Economical Analysis About The Influence Of The Network Economy Act On The National Economy

Posted on:2004-02-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Take a comprehensive view of the human history, the agriculture revolution, industrial revolution and the network economy revolution in processing, these three innovations push forward the development of the society and civilization by the ways of changing the production and exchange. Among them the economic revolution of network affect greatly each section of national economy by setting up anew the production and society. Macroeconomically analyzed, take new economy in the United States as an example, the network economy have greatly affected the employment and production and resulted in the continuous development of national economy, as well as changed the appearance of traditional Phillips curve. Analyzed by the inside view of industry, the booming industry relating to the network economy have many aspects including the network trade, network bank, network education, network enterprises and other commercial network activities ,as well as the foundation of network facilities and network equipments and products, the foundation of all kinds of network service, manufacturing and supporting activities. Analyzed microeconomically from the overall standpoint of the marketing, manufacturing, consumption and investment, the network will thoroughly change the transaction behaviors of the traditional enterprises and residents.Network economy is the product of the technology-the shift of economy pattern rather than the simple technique phenomenon or economy phenomenon. Compared with the previous two innovations, it's more diffusive and penetrable, and has more dephthly and widely affected the national economy ,which makes it characterized the more obvious economy innovations. The theme of the paper is to discuss the influence of network economy on each national section. In it the first part deals with the problem of" what is network?", namely the definition of network economy, also points out that the essential character of the network economy is an economic paradigm shift resulted from the technology innovation. The second part is about" why?", to the effect that analyze how the network economy act on the national economy Joseph.A.Schumpeter's innovation theory points out that the innovation's influence on economy lies in that it lead a unprecedented "new combination" concerning production factors and production conditions into the production system, which breaks the economic flowing ,then cause the industry revolution. The " New Schumpeter school sect" further classified the technology into 4 types, that isgradually type, onrush type, technique system innovation and technique--theeconomic paradigm shift, and emphasized to study the innovation proliferation process. The third part continues with the topic of the second part, pointing out that the theoretically classic analysis is based on the general innovation, while besides the common traits of the general innovation, the network economy innovation enjoys its characteristic trait. Therefore to analyze the inside mechanism in network economy that affect the national economy should be combined with the characteristics of the network innovation. Still use the analytic frame of innovation to show that network economy innovation is knowledge-sourced one. P.M.Romer's "New Growth Theory" points out that the knowledge not only becomes to increase the effect itself, but also can permeate through the capital and labor force ,as well as production factors, to make the whole economic scale increase also. The master products in network economic ages are digital products and internet, in which the digital product has the special cost construction, while the network exterior causes the scale income to increase, which produced great impact on the traditional economics theories, and changed the production and exchange in the network age also The predominant industry in the network age is information and technique industry, which has characterises as the industry relativity, uncompetitivety and potential need ,the three characters of it are the preconditions of the technology-...
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