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The Study On Sustainable Growth Of Multinational Corporations' Investment In China

Posted on:2005-12-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P G LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125462123Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Since the 1990s, multinational corporations (MNCs) have established their presence in China on a large scale. With a decade of development, morn than 400 corporations of the global Top 500 have invested in China, and China has thus become an important part of the MNCs' global strategy. Utilizing the strategies of systematic investment, mergers & acquisitions, sole proprietorship, localization as well as research & development, MNCs have developed their competitive advantages in China. The dissertation attempts to comprehensively review MNCs' investment strategies in China based upon the systematic analysis and research of the above strategies. With the hastening pace of globalization at the dawn of the new century, MNCs' global investment has demonstrated new characteristics. As China's economic has moved steadily along a fast and health track, great changes have taken place in China's investment environment, especially when China become a member of WTO and implements the strategy of developing the West. Hence, MNCs should adjust their strategies accordingly.The structure of the dissertation goes as follows. Chapter one the preface discusses background of MNCs' investing in China and the purpose of the research and reviews the classic theory regarding MNCs and research methodology. Chapter two discusses the function and contributions of multinational companies' investment in china. After that we made the theories analysis that multinational company investment to the economy increase .Chapter three explains the reasons and ways of MNCs' investing in China, with an emphasis on the reasons of objective strategy investment and ways of MNCs' investing in China, especially in BOT investment and TOT investment. Chapter four analyses present condition and trends of MNCs in China, with an emphasis on the analysis of investing dint degree enhancing, project systematizing, concentrating the location, way diversification and so on. the influence that MNCs invest in China in positive and negative. Chapter five analyze and research the problem that the multinational companies keep on increasing invest in the China from two levels: on the macroscopic level, it is deep to turn developments of the socialism market economy system; adjustment of the economic structure; combination of industry policy and competition policy; Adjustment of the foreign capital policy; On the microscopic level, set up the business enterprise group; strong the strength of competition; Promote the marketing of the whole to manage with the whole member marketing; research and study the market; Create and develop the Chinese multinational company. At the same time, suggest the counter plans that keep on investing in China. Today, our country has made great progress in using foreign capital. We not only want to usher in the foreign capital continuously, but also do the very current foreign capital business enterprise, using the foreign capital, developing the function of the foreign capital well. For the foreign capital business enterprise, we want this process: Study first, then cooperation, end compete with them. Then we need to have the research to MNCs firstly and know about the advantage and the disadvantage of the MNCs' clearly .By studying the operation method of MNCs' investment in China ,this will help the Chinese business enterprise to know about MNCs.and establish their development strategy. Only this we can attain the purpose that usher in the foreign capital.
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