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The Research On Time Period System Of Civil Procedure

Posted on:2005-01-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Time period system is the important part of civil procedure. In a way, all kinds of rules of time period system make various sorts of civil procedure behaviors connected organically and inherently and construct the unified, inner harmonious and close procedure integral. Therefore all states in the world emphasis on it very much and make systematical and intact rules. And China also formed relative completed time period system by the law of civil procedure and concerned juridical explanation. However because of the old action ideas and shortage of institution design etc., the effects of time period system aren't satisfied in our country juridical practice. The academia has regarded it as a pure technological institution in civil procedure for a long tune, and hasn't paid enough attention on its function and importance. Very few scholars make professional research on it. Thereby the thesis has the value of theory and practice.Tune period of civil procedure is a kind of tune limitation which must be obeyed by court, the party and other participants when they finish respective procedure behaviors. Time period system is the important way and basic method that can enhance the procedure efficiency and protect procedure justice. The thesis analyses Chinese and foreign time period systems of civil procedure from several angels , and focuses on illuminating the establishment, change, count and delay of time period etc. At the same time, the treatise proposes some legislation suggestions for the problems lying in the contemporary system.
Keywords/Search Tags:civil procedure, time period system, procedure efficiency, procedural justice, legislative improvement
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