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On The Perfecting Of China's Civil Summary Procedure

Posted on:2012-02-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H B LiFull Text:PDF
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China's legislation of simple summary procedure is not perfect, so the practical manipulation goes wrongly. In order to construct a convenient economical quick civil simple procedure, in order to stimulate it to develop, in order to make it have actual base, in order to make best use of the simple procedure, in order to solve China's increasing civil case,we should learn the successful experience from foreign countries to reform and perfect China's civil simple procedure. In the first part of the research paper the narrow concept of civil simple procedure is chosen. The feature of it is described.In the second part the contrast research of civil simple procedures is discussed, the common tendency of development is found. The part provides China with the successful experience and the methods to perfection.In the third part the actualities of China's civil simple procedure are analyzed to probe the source of the problems in order to find the ways to reform civil simple procedure. In the forth part the five concrete methods to improve China's civil procedure are clarified.
Keywords/Search Tags:Civil Simple Procedure, Justice of Procedure, Procedure Efficiency
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