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Multiple Attribute Decision-making Analyzing And Selecting Of Marketing Combination In Small & Medium Enterprise

Posted on:2005-02-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360152955845Subject:Business management
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With the increasing degree of market competition, the marketing becomes the inevitable choice that small & medium enterprise (SME) of our country seeks sustainable development. Because of its extremely strong operating and making the thought of marketing of enterprises clearer, marketing combination, the important part and the tactical implementation step of marketing, certainly draw considerable concerns and favors from SME. Lack of knowledge in the interaction and mechanism of marketing combination factors surely, SME can't make scientific decision to marketing combination, it lead to the blindness of the investment in marketing combination. As a result, it not only brings the waste of enterprises' resources, but also makes it difficult to meet SME' comprehensive request of goals such as to raise profit, to establish brand, and to strengthen ability of resisting risk etc., then it can't realize the sustainable development of SME. So putting forward a scientific decision model of marketing combination scheme that generally suit for SME, on the basis of systematic analysis to marketing combination, will have remarkable realistic meaning. The function of this text is like this.This whole thesis begins with the brief basic knowledge of SME, marketing combination and multiple attribute decision-making, and makes an in-depth analysis on the interaction and mechanism of marketing combination factors and build SME' marketing combination decision model with multiple attribute decision-making theory. Below is the summary of this paper.In the first chapter, in order to let readers have a brief understanding of SME, the writer introduces the classifying standard, the characteristics and the development environment of SME.In the second chapter, the writer analyses the present situation of SME' marketing, puts forward the marketing idea, strategy and tactics suitable for SME and emphasizes the significance of using multiple attribute decision-making marketing combination (4ps) to increase the marketingcapability of SME by explaining the relationship of multiple attribute decision-making marketing combination (4ps) and marketing strategy.In the third chapter, on basis of the description of the functions of marketing combination factors, the writer employ system theory as primary method, this paper conducts a deep qualitative analysis on the marketing combination factors and their interrelationship.In the fourth chapter, the writer introduces decision-making theory, program and the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) of multiple attribute decision-making theory that will be used later. Then the writer analyses and chooses the marketing combination scheme of SME with the model built with AHP.In the fifth chapter, the writer makes a conclusion of the model.The innovation of this text is that it introduces AHP to SME' decision making of the marketing combination scheme, and that the model combines the scientific and operating, can offer the suitable tool for promoting marketing ability of SME.
Keywords/Search Tags:medium & small-sized enterprise, marketing combination, Multiple attribute decision-making, the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)
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