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Research On The Theory And Application Of The Two Levels Of Structured Decision-making Methods - Ahp And Aim

Posted on:2001-06-29Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X H WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360002452097Subject:Systems Engineering
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Decision-making is the core of modem administration. Whether the decision is correct or not is very important. This dissertation studies the methods of analytic hierarchy process (AI{P) and aspiration-level interactive method (MM), which are the two methods for solving decision making problems with discrete alternatives and multiple criteria. Chapter 2 studies the uniformity of judgement matrix, which is the precondition of applying AHP effectively. Based on the correlate degree analysis and fuzzy clustering analysis, we present creatively the definition of the judgement matrix's credit degree and the credit degree method for correcting judgement matrix into a reciprocal matrix with complete uniformity. It modifies the geometry mean method for solving the weights by judgement matrix. Based on the principle of pattern recognition, we present the pattern recognition method for correcting the judgement matiix. Based on the entropy theory, we present six entropy methods for determining the degree ofjudgement matrix's uniformity. We also present a two-stage method for correcting incomplete judgement matrix. Chapter 3 studies the group decision-making problem in AHP. By depicting the difference between each row in judgement matrix and the difference between each judgement matrix given by different decision-maker, we present the credit degree method of group decision making in AHP. It modifies the general method for solving group decision making problem. We also apply the group decision-making method in the enterprise credit抯 evaluation, and present weighted distance method. We present credit degree method for II nonlinear group decision-making problem in AHP and for fuzzy group decision-making problem in AMP. Chapter 4 applies the aspiration-level interactive method in the research work of the funds allocation among senior subjects and in evaluation of enterprise credit, it is proved more effective. Through the whole research work, we follow the principle of the scientific~ universality and practicability of method. Only by this way, can we offer the methods for effective decision making.
Keywords/Search Tags:decision-making, multiple criteria decision making, the analytic hierarchy process (AHP), an aspiration-level interactive model (AIM), pattern recognition, credit degree, credit risk management
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