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With KMV Model To Measure Credit Risk Of Listed Companies In China

Posted on:2006-01-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152971361Subject:National Economics
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Credit risk is not only an important risk to the finance market but also an important challenge to our finance market after we joined into WTO。 But traditional method of management to credit risk can not keep up with the development of our society and meet the need of scientific measurement and efficient management。 So we must relocate the method of management to lower the degree of the credit risk。After comparing the different credit risk models , we bring forward the KMV model to analyze our credit risk because of his suitability to the listed company in our coutry。 Then we select 15 stocks as research samples。 By measuring each Default -distance to draw relative conclusion, we explain why the KMV model has a bright furture in the application of analyzing the credit risko As a result of it, this paper is divided into six parts to analyze: First, the purpose, the significance and the background are discussed. Second, we analyze the main measurement of credit risk inside and outside country。Third, we explain why we have to take new model to analyze the credit risk by giving expatiation on the new development about the management of the credit risko Fourth, the evaluation about the credit risk model, their applied range ,and the advantage and disadvantage have been given。 Furthermore, in this part, the applied range of the KMV model in the management of the credit risk in our nation has been given。 Fifth, we choose fifteen listed company as specimen to demonstrate our conclusion in this paper by calculating their each interval of breaching。 As companied with it, we give some relative advice。 Finally, we discuss the prospect of the KMV in our country。...
Keywords/Search Tags:credit risk, credit risk measurement, KMV model, default distance
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