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Present Condition, Formation Reasons And Development Trend Research Of Chinese Illegal Migrant

Posted on:2006-06-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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While the economic globalization redistributes resources and other productive elements within the scope of the world, it also promotes the ink rnational migration of population. It can be foreseen that with the deepening of Chinese Globalization, the speed of its internationa migration must be accelerated. But we should notice that illegal migration mingles with legal migration in China. With the increase of legal migrants, illegal migrants also increase dramatically. Under this condition, this dissertation chose Chinese illegal migrants as its research object, trying to grasp the present condition of them from an overall view and summarize their characteristics. It found out reasons for the formation of illegal migration from some cases and explored its development trend in accordance with the new cases in recent years. Finally, the dissertation gives the effective way in order to provide some scientific basis to deal with illegal migration under the condition of Globalization.In view of the above purpose, this dissertation primarily includes the following aspects:1 , Summary of the present condition of Chinese illegal migration so as to findout its characters with regular patterns. 2, Analysis of reasons for the formation of illegal migration so as to find out itsmotivation.3, Analysis of development trend for Chinese illegal migration 4, In view of the formation reasons and development trend, appropriate solutionsare offered for different groups of illegal migrants. In addition, initiative studies are taken in the following aspects: 1 , Comprehensive analyses are conducted for the formation reasons of illegalmigration through cases.2, The Development trends of recent Chinese illegal migration are summarized and contrastive analysis is taken between traditional and newly-emerging illegal migration.3, Reasons for formation of illegal migration are taken into full consideration before forwarding solutions. Furthermore, traditional and newly-emerging illegal migration is regarded separately so as to provide feasible suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Illegal Migration, Present Condition, Formation Reasons, Development Trend
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