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The Research On The Protection System Of Financial Consumers' Rights And Interests

Posted on:2011-09-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330332469330Subject:Economic Law
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In 2006, the General Secretary Hu Jintao put forward to realize clearly in Shanghai,"four in promoting"and the construction of"four center". In recent years, Shanghai gradually outstanding on two keys of international finance and shipping centers. April 29 in 2009 , a formal opinion about"the State Council on promoting the modern services of Shanghai to speed up the development of advanced manufacturing industry and the construction of international financial centre of international shipping center"was issued. Clear the construction of Shanghai international finance center and international shipping center's strategic positioning.Promote Shanghai construction international financial centre, international shipping center, the purpose is to promote environmental bearing capacity of Shanghai breakthrough resource constraints, realizing the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development, so as to better service for the country. In the future, Shanghai city industry will be more prosperous, trade, commodity will be more frequent, with more rich people's legal awareness will continue to increase. The people's bank of China Yang Xiaoping governor in kunming central subbranch in 2008"two sessions"during the first financial protection of consumers' rights and interests. Yang Xiaoping suggest, to make us subprime mortgage crisis and in the past two years, China's financial consumers hope the legislative branch can consumer finance specific details. As a special group fully guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, financial advice and establishment of international standard finance consumers' rights and interests protection law enforcement departments, in order to avoid long in law enforcement supervision and law-enforcement vulnerabilities weakened force.From consumer financial problems, in order to protect financial consumers' rights and interests and promote the financial health of financial market flourishing development as the starting point, expounds the concept of consumers, financial listing the specific content of consumer finance, financial consumers' rights and interests protection law enforcement and strengthen financial consumer rights and interests protection measures are discussed. This is divided into four parts, the first part of the definition of financial problems, consumers at present financial damages consumers, this paper reviewed the problem in the banking, securities and insurance industries involving financial consumer damage phenomenon. The second part is further clarify the characteristics of financial markets, the financial position of the consumer, and the weak sex of the consumer protection law of financial loss, emphasize on financial protection of consumer rights and interests of the practical significance. The third part of the financial analysis of consumer protection principles and main contents of the financial consumers' rights and interests, and legislation form to earnestly safeguard the lawful rights and interests of consumer finance. The fourth part explain the basic financial consumer protection system and organization, including information disclosure system and safeguard the financial system, consumer group financial consumer after damage security mechanism, the establishment of special advice to maintain financial organization of the rights and interests of consumers.Shanghai international shipping center in the construction process of financial, economic and financial or from either from the perspective, the financial legal system for the protection of consumers' rights and interests will add new connotation of financial development.
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