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Research On The Way Of The Local Government Regulation On The State-owned Enterprises Property With The Diversity Of Equities With The Gase Study Of Gansu

Posted on:2012-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330335969807Subject:Administrative Management
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With the improvement of the regulation system on the state-owned property, accompanied by the local counterparts'formation and the definitude of the principal-agent relationship and the representation of investors in state-owned enterprises, the layout of the state economy has been allowed to be further optimized and the economic responsibility of state-owned enterprises to be further implemented. Meanwhile, its effectiveness is being demonstrated by the fact that regulated enterprises can give a stronger impetus to the province economic and social development and their influence has been significantly increased.In recent years, SASAC and provincial SASACs have been implementing the state-owned enterprises reform guidelines of the sixteenth national congress and its 3rd plenary session for "developing mixed ownership economy "and "achieving investment diversification", and actively promoting and guiding the equity diversification reform of central enterprises and local state-owned enterprises.With the clearly defined regional development strategy of Gansu province, the structure adjustment of state-owned enterprises property and the demand for making enterprises bigger and stronger, some wholly state-owned enterprises with heavy historical burden or without competitive advantage have withdrawn from the market, or transformed into state-controlled ones in accordance with the bankruptcy policy.The joint and reorganization among provincial state-owned enterprises or between provincial state-owned enterprises and central ones to achieve the leapfrog development by taking advantage of the capital market have become priority implementations, accelerating the equity diversification of provincial state-owned enterprises, and increasing the number of relative controlling share enterprises and shareholding enterprises.Currently, the group-level equity is diversified. Main regulation forms on state-owned property of central enterprises are financial and audit supervision and board of supervisors sent by the SASAC. Gansu Province, through years of exploration and research, has formed a comprehensive supervision system, further strengthened financial and audit supervision for all enterprises and realized the "complete coverage" supervision of board of supervisors on regulated enterprises. In the situation that the number of the equity diversified enterprises of provincial state-owned enterprises increases year by year and the equity structure gradually gets complicated, this article based on the existing legal provisions and the state-owned property regulation system, tries to analyze the existing problems of the state-owned assets supervision by using the relevant theory, referring to the industrialized countries enterprise assets supervision mode and reviewing the state-owned enterprises reform process and the practice of state-owned enterprises assets supervision and discussed the scheme that local SASAC performing the contributor's duties as the representative agency of the local government should grasp the position of state-owned investors and strengthen the supervision of provincial state-owned enterprises' especially those equity diversified ones'assets according to the legal supervision of the contributor, which will better safeguard the interests of state-owned investors and prevent the loss of state-owned assets.
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