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The Research Of Improvement On Jurisdiction System Of China's Cross-Border Insolvency

Posted on:2012-09-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid development of world economy, there have been an increasing number of cross-border insolvency cases in this world. Because they not only do not have a unified regulation that could be a basis in order to deal with cross-border insolvency cases but also have laws that have a closely connection with national political objectives and economic interests, countries have a lot of difficulties in dealing with cross-border insolvency cases. The biggest handicap is jurisdictional disputes caused by the conflicts of jurisdiction. It is so frequent economic cooperation among China and other countries that China has to face more and more cross-border insolvency cases. However, existing Chinese cross-border insolvency law has many deficiencies in jurisdiction of cross-border insolvency, bringing many troubles to judicial practice in the actual case hearing. Therefore, what is very necessary for our country is to strengthen out research in cross-border insolvency jurisdiction. Based on the description and analysis about legal norm of the jurisdiction of the existing cross-border insolvency law, this paper puts forward issues in legislation and judicial practice about cross-border insolvency in China and analyzes their causes. Taking above statement into account, the author tries to give opinions from micro and macro aspects, so as to seek proper approaches to make up for the deficiency in jurisdiction of cross-border insolvency.
Keywords/Search Tags:cross-border insolvency, jurisdiction, Insolvency proceedings
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