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The Research On Building The Information Disclosure System Of Chinese Commercial Bank

Posted on:2006-04-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The disclosure of information is a foundation stone of the supervisory system of the financial market, and the basic prerequisite of guaranteeing to set up fair , fairness , open market. The development of financial circles and strick precaution of the risk are closely linked with disclosure of financial information. The important lesson from Argentinian financial crisis, the fraud case of foreign exchange transaction in Allied Irish Banks , Asian financial crisis ,etc. are about the transparency problem that the financial disclosure of information is not enough. It produces the negative effect analogous to the degree on the breadth and depth breaking out in crisis that the disclosure of information is insufficient. So the information disclosure problem becomes the focus of international supervisory community day by day. Now various kinds of international organizations including Basel Committee and International Accounting Standard Committee and authorities of financial supervision of various countries have made untiring efforts in this respect.For a long time, the Chinese financial system, especially the commercial banking have insufficient and untrue information revealing, unstandard revealing form, unified revealing standard etc. This current situation has already been far from meeting the developing socialist market economy of our country and financial development trend. Especially with the entering WTO and the further opening degree of the financial system, the financial competition is fierce day by day, and the information disclosure problem of Chinese financial circles are demanded urgently to research and solve .Having carried on the overall and deep argumentation, this text has held the front problem of this present economic academia's research field of information disclosure of commercial bank and difficult point problem sharply. The subject and result of study are undoubtedly having very strong theory meaning and positive realistic directive significance and great academic value and using value. This subject research results regard standardizing research and real example to analyses as the foundation, further investigate present domestic and international various kinds of theory views about disclosure of information at first, and then has introduced the requisition for information disclosure of commercial bank of Basel Committee, compare information disclosure state of various countries in the world. The third part is the existing problem , the reason and the analyzing of the information disclosure system of Chinese Banking .Then this part have put forward the idea and design of the information...
Keywords/Search Tags:Financial Crisis, Commercial Bank, the Information Disclosure System, Market Discipline
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