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Legal Research On Shareholder Ownership Structure Of Chinese Stock Company

Posted on:2006-08-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z C MengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360155463168Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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According to the historical background in which the securities market and the shares economy came into existence and the dogmatic interpretation of main status of the state-owned system, China's securities market was divided into state-owned shares, corporate shares and personal shares based on the native of ownership ultimately, and at the same time, it was stipulated that state-owned shares and corporate shares couldn't be circulated .Such a system was indeed quite necessary at that time, which facilitated the generation and develop of the securities market. However, it became the main obstacle to development of securities market, which proposed an urgent problem that should be tackled without any delay.The legal research on the shareholder ownership structure of Chinese stock company is not only for resolving the problem existing in Chinese stock company and the reform of our state-owned enterprisesThe first part of this paper gives the resent situation analysis on shareholder ownership of Chinese stock company .It conclusions the features of the shareholder ownership structure of Chinese stock company and the effect led by its unregulated present situation.The second part begins from the background of origins and developmemt of our stock company and analysis the reasons causing the above unregulated phenomena and split of shares degree .It attributes such present situation to the lack of economic factors of stock company, the traditional national and public ownership, and the unregulated management and corporation system of our State-Owned share ownership and split of shares degree.The third and the fourth part put forward the legal suggestions for regulation the share ownership structure of Chinese stock company. These suggestions are concluded from the process of studying the theory of unregulated share ownership structure and talking about the share ownership structure in practical cases.The fifth part put forward forceful change of shares structure during acquisition from listed company. In order tc protect shareholder's shares. At the same time , it is necessary for government to make a law to obligate Anti-takeover.To deal with such troublesome issue fundamentally, we must have an in-depth perception about the function of the state-owned economy, the rational interval of the scale of the economy and how to exploit the potential of the state-owned shares.
Keywords/Search Tags:split of shares, shares structure, state-owned shares, corporate shares
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