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Thinking About The Improvement Of The Existing Law Of Mineral Resources

Posted on:2006-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Mineral resources are not only the foundation of national economic development but also the reflection of national comprehensive strength. In China, over 95% of energy sources and over 80% of industrial raw materials are coming from the mineral industry. Also mineral resources are the bases of national security. Raw materials and energy sources for modern weaponry nearly are taken from the mineral resources. The establishment, modification and construction of "Law of Mineral Resources"are the legal guarantee of insuring the reasonable development and utilization of mineral resources, rectifying the order of the mineral industry and boosting the sustainable development of mineral resources, which is relative on overall situation resolving in the development of national economy. At present, the revision of the "Law of Mineral Resources"has been placed in the deliberations of various relevant departments and staff, and the National People's Congress is also asking for advices and suggestions in all directions. And quiet a few of experts, scholars and law-enforcement officials also wrote books and published papers one after another to contribute their stratagems and suggestions for the revision of the "Law of Mineral Resources". This paper, taking the basic theories of jurisprudence and constitution as instruction and combining with my working practices, summarizes the problems exposed during the construction of our country's existing "Law of Mineral Resources"base on the viewpoints of some experts and scholars, and analyze in theory on the modification and improvement of our country's existing "Law of Mineral Resources"from the historic heritage, characteristics of times, principle of constitution and right features of the mineral industry right, puts forward some superficial views on its rectifying and improvement, which will help me to discuses and learn from personages in circles by exchanging views.
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