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On The Economic Legislative Power Of Local Government

Posted on:2007-07-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360185465979Subject:Economic Law
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Give a certain economic legislative power to the local government, not only have abundant theoretical foundations, but also have very important realistic meanings. It not only helps to arouse the enthusiasm that the local government developed economically, also helps system innovation, helps the simplifying of the government organ. However, because economy legislates have prominent external effects, therefore in practice, can produce the conflict with central economic legislative power, with economic legislative power of other local government. There are all kinds of methods to solve the conflict in various countries, among them the method that U.S.A. solves the conflict has a characteristic very much. U.S.A. is a federalism country. The economic legislative power of every state is very strong, so the conflict takes place occasionally. The main method that U.S.A. solves this problem is to examine the violation of the constitution to the economic bill of state government through Federal Supreme Judicial Court. In our country, the power of local government is extremely limited, however, in order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of local government in developing the economy. The central government implemented a series of reforms which intending to allow more profits, including giving local government a certain economic legislative power. But because of the absence of relevant laws of the central government and local government authority for clearly defined economic legislation, and therefore, there are still a lot of problems. This text thinks that the central economic legislative power of our country is strong, the locality lacks enthusiasm; the unfair distribution of the economic legislative power; economic privilege exists in some areas. So, can use the experience of U.S.A. for reference , the demarcation lines of clear central authorities and the locality through legislating. Set up and amplify the corresponding related system in order to prevent the expansion of legislative power of local economy at the same time.
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