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《Kyoto Protocol》and The International Climate System Of Post-Kyoto Times

Posted on:2007-12-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360185490771Subject:International Law
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Nowadays the global climate change is the most important and challenging problem that world faces,and how to reduce glasshouse gas emission has become the focus of climate negotiation and environment policy research.《United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change》and《Kyoto Protoco1》are two important legal documents made by international community in order to deal with climate change.The global climate change is an environmental problem superficially and an aspect of global problems,but in essence it includes the complex political and economic issues.In the process of climate negotiation,countries have formed two big camps of different positions on the foundation of their own national interests——developed country and developing country,three big national groups-European Union,"umbrella shape national groups"(America,Japan,Canada,Russia,Australia etc),"G77 adds China".They have major different opinions on a lot of questions,and《Kyoto Protoco1》is the result of negotiation and compromise.Therefore,it exists some problems,such as the problem of implement of《Kyoto Protocol》,the problem of flexible mechanism,the problem of enforcement system after coming into effect and aiding developing countries etc.These problems lie in:the climate system has the nature of commons,so all countries tend to"get a lift"and resuit in"the tragedy of commons";global cooperation to deal with climate change is complex because it deeply affects the country's political and economic interests,so it is difficult to reach an agreement;and the global climate warming is a long-term problem,which almost has no political risk of short period,politicians may treduce the unfavorable influences on their own country as far as possible to protect their political career in the process of negotiation.However,《Kyoto Protocol》coming into effect has important historical meanings. It is another important legal achievement made by international community in the course of addressing climate change; it will produce major and profound influence one country's politics and economy and mankind oneself. After《Kyoto Protocol》came into effect, China has faced opportunities, as well as challenges.《Kyoto Protocol》give developing countries the time of preparation ;it will bring huge financing opportunities for our enterprise ;it also provide opportunity for our country to reform and to transfer techniques . At the same time, as our country is in the process of industrialization and modernization, the amount of current greenhouse gas emission occupies the second of world, and it will catch up with America till 2012. Because of the fast increase of the greenhouse gas emission quantity of our country, the pressure of developed countries asking China to participate in the reducing of...
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