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Discussion Of Pretrial Preparation Procedure

Posted on:2006-12-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Pretrial preparation procedure is an important procedure for equity and efficiency in civil action. No sound pretrial procedure has bring negative effect to civil action practice. It has turn into an important aspect of reformation regarding to way of civil trial that how to improve pretrial procedure and how to advance equity and efficiency in China.This article study the pretrial procedure of civil action in our country for the sake of promotion of this system.This article consist of five parts as follows:Chapter one: it is the summary of pretrial procedure and gives a brief introduction to the concept, character, function and value.Chapter two: aiming to wide the thought, this part introduces the pretrial procedure overseas by comparing the two kind of pretrial procedure, and summarizes out the differences, then analyses their background.Chapte three: serving as finding the gap of legislative and perfecting pretrial procedure in our country, this part review the course of legislation and trial practice on pretrial procedure.Chapter four: this part analyse the principal and idea in reconstruction of pretrial procedure, so as to settle the base of pretrial procedure.Chapte five: this part makes some material suggestions of reconstruction of pretrial procedure.
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