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Victim Protection System Of Tang Dynasty

Posted on:2007-08-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Victim protection system is an original system of criminal law in Chinese ancient law history. It was perfected until Tang Dynasty and had a sweeping influence on the following periods of feudal society. Particularly, legislator of Tang Dynasty systemized it firstly, which contained the humanitarian of Chinese ancient legal system and excellent legislative techniques of the legislator and abundant social experiences of Tang Dynasty. It is one typical Chinese ancient legal system. Up to now, It's a pity that its' legal value hasn't been realized. The article intends to have a specific study on the victim protection system of Tang Dynasty and tries to make a complete and reasonable impression. The author hopes it benefit Chinese temporary law construction and play a new role in the Chinese law construction.Firstly, the author studies the principal content and legal basis of the victim protection System of Tang Dynasty, and argues that the basis mainly embodies on the supporting of ethic principle,causality and the flaw of legal appraisal; Secondly, the author studies the practice of the victim protection System of Tang Dynasty on the cases of Tang Dynasty; Lastly, the author studies the evaluation of the victim protection System of Tang Dynasty.
Keywords/Search Tags:Tang Dynasty, victim protection system, Evaluation
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